Pure Poetry - Japan, 2019
Photo series on 3 columns

Fly Vivre en n’ayant que ça à faire bonnes datesd

Jérémie Grandsenne is an artist, writer, filmmaker and musician.
He works for people's happiness, for truth, for freedom of thought and for joy.
He believes people and alive beings are naturally made to be happy, and through language, through humour, through filming the world, through the visual poetry and intuitive stories that come with drawing and painting, and through a quest for beauty that can stand in so many ways, he does what he can to contradict the lies that keep the humans unhappy, constrained, whether socially, sentimentally, sexually, or in every layer of their life, of their relationships, of their body, of their own thoughts and of their soul.
Needless to say, it's a long and restless fight, so sometimes he just travels, spends time with kind persons or looks at beautiful paintings.
He was born, he works and lives, he's not dead yet. Or should I say, he's still alive.