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Some people are surprised and ask: "How come you make such different things? What is the link between them?"

They are very surprised and seem to think that the job of an artist is to do, more or less, always the same thing, with some variations. So that, if they see one work, they are not surprised, when they see another one. They can say: "Oh, this is him! He always does these, you know, ladies with a Vuitton bag on their head. I also love his ceramics, you know? Animals with blood on their feet." Oh. Well. It might be my lack of experience about this matter, but I don't really understand this point of view, nor this desire of repetition.
It might be that someone forgot to teach me that art is made to be all the same, something you recognize, something that you already knew.

I answer: "Well, you have various friends, don't you? Maybe you've had various lovers, haven't you? (Maybe you still do.) Well if you were making things, and trying to talk to people with them, maybe you would be doing various things, too. Otherwise, maybe you would have a sad job, and maybe you would be sad, and at the end of the day, your works wouldn't say much to the people you are talking too. Don't you think?
"Your friends don't need to be all the same, your lovers don't need to be all the same, your words don't need to sound all the same, do they? But still, if you look at them, you see that, in a way, they are linked, like by some sort of abstract net, and you see that, each in their own way, they are saying, maybe not really the same thing, but things that complete each other."

So, in a way, if you want to know what I am trying to tell you about this world, and about ourselves, one work always says it all, whether a drawing, a book, a movie, a word on a tiny photograph, and at the same time, all the works complete all others to say it with more time, more nuance, and looking at a wider range of existence.

And if you want it summarized, it's very easy: be happy, be free, be good, don't listen to lies that the world tells you, remember you have just one life, live it good.

There you are.