The Ugly Duckling (Le Vilain Petit Canard), 2012
Marker pen on book pages, each c. 26 x 20 cm / 26 x 40 cm

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 0

The Ugly Duckling

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 1 ok

This books belongs
to Mathilde Morel

Dirty bitch

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 2 ok

The Ugly Duckling

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 3.jpeg

— Looks like summer, doesn't it!

— Yes, it's summer

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 4.jpeg

— Such a nice summer

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 5.jpeg

— I will not get out of here until you bring back the French monarchy

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 6et7

— So tell us the truth, what is your passion?
— Frisbee?
— Social working.
— Fancy that.
— Social working?
— Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 8.jpeg

— There you are, you little sellouts
— Thanks grand-ma

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 9.jpeg

— You see, we have ugly faces but we earn cash
— That's what matters

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 10 et 11

— I could make a real battlefield out of you — Please no

— Come on, everyone to shoah! — Yes — Yes — Yes

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 12.jpeg

— What matters is blood

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 13 et 14

— Next time I will be reincarnated into a brocoli
— Hey doggy, don't you think I haven't seen you
— Oh really?

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 15.jpeg

Fear takes your head off

Keep courage

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 16.jpeg

One of these 4 animals will bury all the others

Which one?

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 17.jpeg

— What if we'd cross the doors of heaven?
— Let's go
— Lucky them

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 18.jpeg

— Make me discover sexuality!

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 19.jpeg

— I cry
— I laugh
— I'm scared

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 20.jpeg

— Finally rid of living

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 21.jpeg

— There is no exit
— There is no childhood
— There is no secret

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 22 et 23

— Is it necessary to bite in order to eat?
— And to close your eyes in order to sleep?
— And to forget in order to carry on?

jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 24.jpeg
jeremiegrandsennevilainpetitcanard 25.jpeg

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