Jérémie Grandsenne is an artist, writer, filmmaker and musician.
He believes people are made to be happy.
He's alive.

Les Fauvètes furtives
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Pour quelques souvenirs
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We're The Pet Shop Boys
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L’Été indien
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6 New videos, 2021

mansfield tya corpo inferno

The song La Fin des temps I wrote for Mansfield TYA on their record Corpo Inferno (Universal Music Publishing / Vicious Circle Records, 2015) used in the Netflix French series Disparu à jamais after Harlan Coben (Gone For Good), released in August 2021

Gone for good

New Mansfield TYA record Monument Ordinaire on Warrior Records
Le Parfum des vautours, Lyrics by Jérémie Grandsenne & Julia Lanoe
Music by Julia Lanoe & Carla Pallone = Mansfield TYA
Warrior Records, 2021


New digital paintings series D'Épée,
Scories, Copeaux
Untitled Digital Paintings

2020, 2021

Le Parfum des vautours - Jérémie Grandsenne, Julia Lanoe, Carla Pallone, 2021